Stockholm Fish Spa - the originalMAKE RESERVATION

Welcome to Stockholm Fish Spa

Stockholm Fish Spa – in swedish known as ”Fiskpedikyren” – is Stockholms oldest fishspa.
In here the fish gets as well taken care of as our costumers and that’s the way it has been since our fish spa first started. We are well known for our comfortable armchairs, our big big cups of tea, the cute straws and our ceiling lights that looks like the lanterns you release into the sky in Thailand.

Ready? Then it’s time to choose if you just want to dip your feet or have a full body fish spa!

  • Fishspa Green

    The Green treatment 249 SEK /person

    Fish Spa Green is the perfect choice if you just want to put your feet in and experience the treatment.

    First your feet will be carefully washed and then it's time to visit our fish. You will have your feet in the aquarium for 30 minutes and once you're done you can choose between 30 different moisturizers from companies that doesn't test on animals to hydrate your feet with by yourself to get an even better result. Sparkling water or coffee (your choice) is included.

    For Fish Spa Green you can visit us by yourself or up to ten people.

  • Fishspa Blue

    The Blue treatment 490 SEK /person

    Fish Spa Blue is your choice if you want to have a relaxing time where you just can shut out the rest of the world for a while.

    For this treatment you will have a private room for the people that are part of your reservation (up to five persons). You will never share a room with someone who isn't in your reservation - if it's only you then you will have a whole room just for yourself.

    Fishspa Blue also gives you:
    Carefully washed feet
    Hot or cold beverage of your choice (30 different flavors, non with alcohol)
    30 minutes with the fish
    Light foot massage with the cream of your choice by 30 different moisturizers from companies that doesn't test on animals
    Our secret night cream "Finishing Touch" to put on your feet the same night right before bedtime

  • Full Body Fishspa

    Full body fishspa 1470 SEK /person

    Stockholm Fish Spa is the only fishspa in Scandinavia that offers a full body fish spa.

    Here you can sit 1-2 persons with our sweet fish, but you have to be really careful in the water and you need to have the physique to move around gently in and out of the aquarium. If not, we recommend you to make your booking for only feet instead, since we won't let you take the full body fish spa if it turns out that your physique doesn't fulfill our requirements.


Everything was great, a real experience that was as fun as it was comfortable. I truly recommend it!

Plaza Kvinna - swedish fashion magazine