Stockholm Fish Spa - the originalMAKE RESERVATION

Visitors’ reviews

Comments from our costumers/ Fish Spa de Luxe:

”Really nice!”
”Would love to visit you again”
”Professional care”
”The fishes were cute”
”This was a cozy place”
”Relaxing with the music and the rippling water”
”An exiting and unique experience”
”Great foot massage”
”Unbelievably special and comfortable treatment”
”Nice waiting area”
”Good and safe guidance when I felt a bit nervous putting my feet into the aquarium”
”Love the armchairs!”
”Had an amazing time”
”Cozy atmosphere”
”Very nice staff”
”Felt good to be pampered”
”The fishes were awesome”
”I really liked shutting the rest of the world out and just lean back and relax”


Stockholm fish spa – a soothing oasis in the centre of Stockholm City