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Visit Stockholm Fish Spa with children

Stockholm with children – pay a visit to our foot spa

It’s fun to visit our spa in Stockholm city both as adults or with bringing your children. Please observe that the minimum age for visiting our fish spa is 7 years old. Since kids know that you have to be gentle and careful towards animals there´s usually no problem at all for them to sit with our sweet fish. At the exact moment when you put your feet into the aquarium both children and adults can feel as it tickles a bit, but after a minute or two everything will be calm again and you will feel like sitting with your feet in some kind of sparkling water.

Calm environment

The environment the aquarium is placed in is a great deal of why you will be much more calmer here, than the usual fish spas you’ve probably seen on a boardwalk or behind display windows. At Stockholm Fish Spa it’s all about the experience – we don’t allow people to sneak peak when you sit with your feet in the aquarium and the room is designed to just make you lean back and relax – once the first tingly feeling has passed.

Spa in Stockholm city with children

If you’re visiting Stockholm with children they are more than welcome to join at our spa. Saturdays are usually extra approved because of the lördagsgodis, but every day is of course a good day to stop by.

Private room with infants and/ or younger children

If you have infants or younger children with you please observe that you have to book the Blue treatment since you will need a private room. We do not allow infants or younger children to accompany on the side for the Green treatment since they could disturb other costumers, so just in case anyone starts screaming or have a short span of patience you have to book the Blue treatment with the private room if visiting with anyone under the age of 7.
Children from 7 years old and up are more then welcome to participate in both the Green or the Blue treatment and we love how gentle and excited they usually are when putting their feet down the aquarium.

Candy for children at Stockholm spa

At Stockholm Fish Spa there’s plenty of lördagsgodis for everyone – child or adult! (but only on Saturdays)

What day should we visit?

We’re open Monday-Friday 13:00-20:00 and Saturday-Sunday between 10:00-20:00.
If you would like our super Swedish experience (children tends to like this one a lot) then you should visit us on a Saturday since you on Saturdays in Sweden get lördagsgodis. In Sweden we have a ”rule” that says you can only eat candy on Saturdays (ask any swede) so when Saturday arrives we have lördagsgodis, which freely translated means Saturdaycandy. Of course it’s the same here at Stockholm Fish Spa, so if you arrive on a Saturday our whole spa room will be nicely set up with all you can eat lördagsgodis – no extra charge!

Kids birthday parties

A birthday party at Stockholm Fish Spa includes all you can eat candy, sodas, quality time with your feet in the aquarium and a fun experience for all the guests. Birthday parties at Stockholm Fish Spa is for kids between the age 8-14 y/o. Please contact us for more information about birthday parties.